"I've had so much fun working on this album; it's quite unique. Who knew that electric guitar would work so well with bagpipes? Mike Nelson did!"

~ Albert Lee

"Just listened to it on the plane coming in... it was great! Jimmy Z sounds just like Lil' Walter!"

~ Jeff Beck

"Hey, this is Brent Mason...Just wanted to say that I had great time working on Mike's CD We struck up a good friendship...A very energetic, vibrant guy...It shows in his music."

~ Brent Mason


~ John Platania

"Michael Nelson's CD "Heaven Bound" is a pleasure to listen to. It has everything I want to hear - cool songs, soul, and great playing. Nelson's singing instills honest grit into every track."

~ Chris Maresh

"Heaven Bound is an international amalgam of roots and gospel music, incorporating a variety of British and American influences, tied together by the songs of Hank Williams Sr. and the unique vocal stylings of MJ Nelson, who also plays drums, bagpipes, harmonica and guitar, and contributes a few originals in the spirit of the classic songs he covers on this album."

~ Dave Pomeroy

"World class!"

~ Fully Fullwood

"Killer, man..."

~ Guthrie Trapp

"Great production and great pickin'"

~ Lee Thornberg

"Brilliant! C'est genial."

~ John Platania

"Just wanted to let you know how much we've been enjoying Heaven Bound. It's incredible how well your original songs meld with Hank Williams. It's a beautiful collection of inspired tunes, lovingly recorded and passionately played. Thanks so much for turning us on to your work. we also dug the vintage LP-look of the CD. Outstanding all the way around."

~ Adams Entertainment - producers of Primal Twang

"I put this CD of Mike's on in my car, not knowing what to expect. The last time I heard Mike it was in the 60's doing pop rock and later playing for Bob Dylan. I was surprised to discover the direction he took for this album. Good ol' shit kickin' country. With a bunch of great players and early traditional grass root songs, I have a great time in my car spending time with Mike's vocals and playing. I look forward to hearing his other CD's."

~ Jim Reeves