by MJ Nelson


  1. Unshot Footage
  2. The Band That Played On
  3. Blue Moonshine
  4. Still Waters
  5. Penny For Your Thoughts
  6. The Watch Man
  7. Heaven Bound
  8. Keep The Faith
  9. The Watch Man Refrain
  10. Wealth Won't Save
  11. Yodel On
  12. Take It To The Bank

MJ Nelson: Vocal, Melodica, Pipes, Drums, Jaw Harp, Auto Harp, Harmonica and pipes
Tony DePaolo: Guitar
Dragon Aleksic: Acoustic Guitar
Jelani Jones: Vocal, Guitar
Rock Deadrick, Oreo Divaz: Backup Vocals
Chris Maresh: Bass
John Fullwood: Violin
The Mermaids: Backup Vocals  Albert Lee: Guitar
Guthrie Trapp: Guitar
Tom Knuznkowski: Banjo
Glover Gill: Accordian
Dave Pomeroy: Bass
Paul McIntire: Fiddle
Jason Everly: Backup Vocal
Jimmy Cox: Piano
David Warrick Jones: Organ
John Platania: Guitar
Lisa Blod: Backup Vocal